ReferZip Scripts and Tips

Phone Calling Scripts  

   Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do: Text, Email, Double-Dial and VM

People are busy. We also don’t tend to answer numbers we don’t know, that’s why it’s recommended to call back to back twice if you do not get an answer the first time. It lets them know a real person is calling. Texts and Emails are a great way to start conversations, send one every day or two until they respond.

  • Do: Introduce yourself with high energy and speak as if you have met them before or are not a stranger.
    We do this because if you get a call and the person sounds like a salesperson, boring or a stranger, our guard is immediately up
  • Do: Match their tone and demeanor the best you can

We do this because if you get a call and the person sounds like a salesperson, boring or a stranger, our guard is immediately up

  • Do: LPMAMA: location, price, motivation, agent, mortgage, and appointment.

The main goal of the initial call is to dive into where they want to move, what price points they can afford, what their motivating factors are – like home features, new job, reason to move etc. and discuss Mortgage Pre-Approval and assure them it’s not a scary process. Make sure to set an appointment to meet with them or Zoom call

  • Do: Get them in the Car

The Top Agents follow this rule, they get potential clients in the car as soon as possible and start showing them homes. For Sellers, it’s getting through the front door as soon as possible too. Once are you with them in person, it’s a lot easier to gauge how serious they are

  • Don’t: Reach out a couple times and give up

People are busy. You may be reaching out while they are in the middle of something. Each time you call, make sure to leave a short voicemail, send a quick text and include links to your IDX site

  • Don’t: Introduce yourself with your Company Name
    Intuitively, when making a Business or Professional Call we want to let them know we are a Professional with a Reputable Company. It’s actually not effective to do this during your Intro Call. It makes you sound like a Salesperson or Telemarketer, they will hang up or brush you off. It’s better to use just your First name and say something like “I’m the Real Estate Agent they matched you up with”
  • Don’t: Pre-Qualify and Pre-Screen too much

Sure, you want to make sure you are not wasting your time. On the flipside, they might not want to open up too much until you build trust and rapport. So don’t focus too much on figuring out if they qualify to buy or decipher if they are on a 1 – 10 Serious Level. They may sound like they are “Just Browsing” but then you find out later they actually very serious about Buying/Selling

  • Don’t: End a Call without Setting up the Next Call

They may be in the middle of something, they may just be brushing you off, You may have had a great long conversation. Make sure to end each call with an expectation or hard date/time on when you are speaking next and what it will be about. Remind them a day before, an hour before and 5-15 minutes before to ensure good show rates.

Use the Information Provided

Each Referral Lead we send you will come with quite a bit of information. 

That means each person spent 10-20 Minutes filling out this funnel and providing some personal information, like Credit, Down Payment, Current Address, Timeframe, Features and their Phone, Email and Name. They took enough time to fill this out and show they are serious, so bring up the information they gave us in the lead to remind them that they did fill this out and request more info.

Calling Script 1

Hi (First Name) this is (Your FIRST Name), I wanted to connect with you really quick so I can send over some Homes For Sale around (Zip + Radius) as I am the Agent in (City) You were matched up with. Do you have a Quick Minute so I can ask a couple questions and get that list over to you?

Calling Script 2

Hi (First Name) this is (Your FIRST Name), do you have a quick minutes because I see your looking for deals on homes in (ZIP + Radius) and I want to make sure you don’t miss the best properties when they pop up – can I ask you a few questions?

Calling Script 3

Hi (First Name) this +

is (Your FIRST Name), do you have a quick minute to talk because I see you’re looking for deals on homes in (ZIP + Radius) and there are many homes that pop up but they sell fast, so I want to show you how I can help you?

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