FAQs and Program Details

If a lead comes through with a bad number, please email the prospect immediately and ask for a correct number, if we or they cannot provide you with one, we will refund or credit back that lead. Just Mark it as ‘Bad Lead’

We cannot Guarantee what a person will do once they hang up the phone. A conversation with a spouse or a change of heart happens from time to time, but we can guarantee these prospects expressed interest and agreed to having a conversation at the time of the call.

Make sure to Accept or Deny leads in a timely manner, update and comment on the progress of each lead and claim more opportunities. The algorithm favors the most active and highest converting Agent in each Zip Code.

We Don’t Limit the Amount of Agents Per Market, but we will stop offering Leads to Agents who do not Accept/Reject or who do not Purchase any Leads

Pick Zip Codes, Price Points and Buyer/Seller or Both Leads You Want Regardless. When we Generate a Lead that fits this exact Criteria, you will automatically get it assigned. Make sure you have enough Lead Credits or Auto-Refil to Cover your Auto-Buys

Select Agents and Teams may be offered Exclusive Leads based on Performance within our Program or with Similar Programs. Please Email: [email protected] to request Exclusive Leads