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Top Producers

We Generate Leads

Our Founders are known as the Best Lead Generators in Real Estate, Generating Millions of Leads to Referral Companies and Portals 

In Your Markets

Through Experience, We Know How Many Leads We Can Generate in a Market. We limit Spots & Guarantee Minimum Lead Volumes

Qualified By Us

Using advanced ChatBots and A.I,  We Filter Out the Bad and Unqualified Leads. Each Lead is informed an Agent will be reaching out

Assigned to Agent

You Determine Which Agents get each Lead and Control individual Lead Volume. Lead Distribution can be done by Zip Codes & Price Points

  • Most Companies Charge 25-35% Which Cuts Deep into Agent and Broker Commissions
  • We offer Low 10% Referral Fee at Closing by having you share Lead and Marketing Costs
  • Our System Manages Your Agent's Referrals and Follow Ups
  • Lead Companies Charge $20-200 Per Lead. They're Shared and Vary in Quality
  • We Get Paid off Each Closing. Just like You. We have over a 15% Conversion Rate
  • High Quality = Happy Agents. Less time with Bad Leads, More Time with Real Clients
  • We Recruit Agents for Our Clients. The #1 Reason they Leave: They Need Leads
  • Our Distribution System Lets you choose which Agent gets which Leads
  • Our Low Referral Fee Enables You to Offer Aggressive Splits

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Mortgage Data

When it comes to Buyers, we ask them if they are Pre-Approved or Not. If not, We ask Credit Rating and Down Payment. Your Lender will LOVE THIS. 

Price Range

Every Lead is Taken Through a Journey. We Ask each Lead what they would Spend and Use Data and Advanced API algorithms


Every Lead is asked when they plan to make the move. Then we educate them why they NEED a Realtor. After they set a time to talk with an Agent

Home Details
Buyer or Seller, you will know the Home Type, Bedrooms and Bathrooms. Your CRM will love this Data

Expanding Your Team?

We Can Recruit Top Agents or New Agents

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Looking for a Brokerage with a Local Presence, CRM, Technology and Leads. Prefers 70%+ Splits. Ready Now

10 Yearly Sales 3 Years | Century 21
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Looking for a Brokerage with Leads, an ISA, Assistant and Central Walk-in Location with Private Office. 60% +

15 Yearly Sales 8 Years | Berkshire
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Looking for a Brokerage or Large Team with a Leads that has Tech Coaching and 50% + Split Preferred. Ready Now for

5 Yearly Sales 1 Year | Compass
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Looking for a Brokerage Leads and a 100% Split Model. National Coach and Author with 50k Social Followers

40 Yearly Sales 25 Years | ReMax
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Looking for a Brokerage with Training, Coaching, Technology and Leads. Open to Offers. No Split Preferred

0 Yearly Sales 0 Years | New Agent