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The Most Innovative
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ReferZip is a marketplace where Lead Generators, Agents and other Industry Professionals offer Leads and Referrals for $0-25 Each and Referral fees from 10-35%. You choose the Zips, the Price Points and other Details. You can join free and Do Pay-Per-Lead or Set Up Auto-Buy for your most desired Lead Criteria. For example, you can set up Auto-Buy for any Seller Lead in 92109 and a 5 Mile Radius with a Minimum price point of $700k. 

So where do our Leads Come from? Like Amazon or Ebay, we allow Lead Generators and other professionals to Sell Leads on our platform for pricing they determine. Also, like any Marketplace, the Lead Sellers are vetted and must maintain a Good Reviews. Each Lead us rated by Reviews, in this case, you rate their Leads and we Guarantee Quality, if you get a Lead with a Bad Number or Wrong Person, it is refunded. 

This is a Performance Based Platform, so the more you close, the more Priority you get in your Markets and you can determine the Volume. If you are proven Top Producer, we give you Priority from Day One.

We Generate Buyer & Seller Leads

We have Generated Millions of Leads. We are Veteran Real Estate Tech and Marketing Experts

We Focus on Key Markets

We Generate Leads where people are Moving. We get a high volume of leads in busy markets

We Qualify Each Lead

We Use AI and APIs to Qualify each lead. They have a conversation with our Bots prior

We Match Leads to an Agent

Each Prospect is Aware that a Real Estate Agent will be Reaching Out via Call or SMS

Pick Your Zips
Pick Your Price Points

How We Distribute
Leads to Agents

Performance Based
Rewards and Priority

We Integrate with Your CRM and Technology

Have a Team?
Or Large Brokerage?

We Have a Referral Marketplace

Lead Pricing

Top of Funnel

$10 + 10% at Close

These Leads Pass Our Basic Verification and the Prospect has Expressed their Interest in Buying and/or Possibly Selling a Home. They will be within a 15 Mile Radius of Your Zips

Buyer Leads

$20 + 20% at Close

These are Buyer Leads who know What Zip Code/Radius They Want to Buy in and Basic Details. They have Good Credit or are Pre-Approved. 

Seller Leads

$40 + 20% at Close

These are Sellers. They may also be Buying, but they have given us a Property Address and are ready to see what the Market would Pay for their Home. They Have Be Verified


$0 + 25-35%

Buyers and Sellers. These Leads are Generated by Agents, Lenders, Professionals and Lead Generators. We may Auto-Assign these or Put them up for grabs.

What Agents
Say About Us

Our Testimonials Speak for Themself


Typically I wouldn’t write a good review for a lead company because I don’t want to tip off my competition, but, I have my entire county so for you guys I will…..Agents: SIGN UP NOW! This Service us a GAME CHANGER


We work a niche market that caters mostly to 55+ and I haven’t been able to find any company that can provide solid opportunities, up until now. You guys ROCK! and I love the support and transparency you give


These are Top Notch Quality Leads. My Team loves them, we are getting more closings and we now have control over lead volume again. Solid Program guys


Frequently Asked Questions

You have Questions. We have Answers

If a lead comes through with a bad number, please email the prospect immediately and ask for a correct number, if we or they cannot provide you with one, we will refund or credit back that lead. Just Mark it as ‘Bad Lead’

We cannot Guarantee what a person will do once they hang up the phone. A conversation with a spouse or a change of heart happens from time to time, but we can guarantee these prospects expressed interest and agreed to having a conversation at the time of the call.

Make sure to Accept or Deny leads in a timely manner, update and comment on the progress of each lead and claim more opportunities. The algorithm favors the most active and highest converting Agent in each Zip Code.

We Don’t Limit the Amount of Agents Per Market, but we will stop offering Leads to Agents who do not Accept/Reject or who do not Purchase any Leads

Pick Zip Codes, Price Points and Buyer/Seller or Both Leads You Want Regardless. When we Generate a Lead that fits this exact Criteria, you will automatically get it assigned. Make sure you have enough Lead Credits or Auto-Refil to Cover your Auto-Buys

Select Agents and Teams may be offered Exclusive Leads based on Performance within our Program or with Similar Programs. Please Email: [email protected] to request Exclusive Leads